"I am going to surprise him with the song the day before our wedding and then use it for our first dance."

We write a custom song about your love story.

David Fraser DCF Wedding Music

Tell David all about someone you love, and he'll write and record an original song, just for them.

Since 2007, David has written custom love songs, for husbands and wives and engaged couples to tell their love story in a personalized way.

Simply fill out a questionnaire, and David will put your love story to music, drawing on his influences in romantic pop, jazz and soul. You'll receive a professional-quality recording of your song via digital download, and a special CD copy will be mailed out to you.

Try it out.

Here is the process:

1. We ask you questions about how you met, your love story and what makes your love special and unique.

2. We turn these details into personalized lyrics and a melody for your own personal song.

3. We present you the custom song sketch to you.

4. If you love, love, love it, then we discuss how to incorporate it into your wedding day.

If you don't love, love, love it you don't have to pay for it.

If you don't totally love the song, that's not a problem, it will be deleted. There will be no hard feelings and you don't pay anything.

We are so confident that your song will absolutely blow you away, we are happy to do most of the work right up front and you only pay if it's perfect.

Takes about 15 minutes. All information you share is confidential. 

Listen to custom love songs

A song  is written for you is one of the most special things you can do.  

Kyle and Kelley met while at a baseball tournament. They both have a great sense of humour and hired our band to perform this song for their first dance.

Bill and Kim’s family have hired our band to play many celebrations. We wrote this song to celebrate their anniversary of 33 years.

Stephanie and Ricardo have a very interesting story of how they met in jail! (not as convicts, they both are public servants)

Dave and Susan are lifelong friends. We wrote this song for thei 10th year anniversary. 

DCF Wedding Music David Fraser Singing Custom Love Song
I absolutely loved how completely original it was and personalized to us, how it turned out, how it all came together and was performed by you. It was such a great moment and surprise for my husband (still getting used to that word haha) we both loved it and now have it forever! Thank you so much it was so worth the time and very reasonable cost!
DCF Wedding Music Custom Song for Ricardo and Steph
Steph & Ricardo
David Fraser DCF Wedding Music Singing
I was gonna keep it a secret but couldn't after I saw the lyrics! You absolutely nailed it and had us both in tears!! We definitely want o make this song part of our day!
Cailin & Mattieu

Takes about 15 minutes. All information you share is confidential. 


Why did you decide to offer it for free before buying it?

We know a lot of people offer things on the internet and we want you to be rest assured before buying it. We know how important this is and we want to make sure it is perfect. We do the same for all our wedding clients, so we are offering the same to you.

What is the first step?

First, fill out the questionnaire with as much detail as you can. The questions will ask lots of details about your love story, how you met, fell in love and special memories you share. We’ll also ask what musical styles you and your sweetheart like. Next, we will write and create the song sketch and e-mail it to you for your feedback. If you have any questions, please contact David at 1-866-710-7658 or david@dcfweddingmusic.com

If you love it (and we’re pretty sure you will) you’ll be directed to a secure server to pay for the song.  We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

How long does it take?

The general turn-around time for a custom song sketch is approximately two weeks. Although if you need it more quickly, please let us know. It’s best if you order it with plenty of time before your wedding but sometimes great ideas come closer to the anniversary or wedding date.

How will I receive my song?

As soon as the song is completed, I’ll email you a link to download your files. Depending on what you’ve purchased, you’ll find a few different files. An .mp3 for easy listening from your phone and a .wav of the song (.mp3s download faster and stream easily, .wavs are bigger and higher-quality files), and a .pdf of the lyrics. If you’ve requested instrumental or Acapella versions, or guitar chords for songs, you’ll receive those as well.

Can you play my song at my wedding?

We would love to! In fact, we have performed at over 2000 different events and hundreds of weddings. We specialize in making weddings unforgettable and a celebration people will always remember. Read more about DCF Wedding Music.

Who owns the song copyright?

You own it after you have purchased the song. This means you can share it on social media, embed it into videos and play it for your guests on your 50th anniversary.  It also means if the song ever ‘goes viral’ you earn all the royalties from the song as well.  

I sing, or play an instrument, would it be possible to perform on the recording?

Yes! It’s always extra special when you add your personal touch to it. I’ll record the song first, and then send you a rough mix for you to add your part to (you’ll have to be able to record yourself on your end). Then you’ll send your part to me, and we’ll get it included in the final song. 

Do you write songs for other types of occasions?

Yes,  we are comfortable writing about all kinds of love stories. We’ve specialized in writing songs for husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, but can also write for families – for grown children and babies, for parents and grandparents, and even memorial songs to honour loved ones who have passed away. Read testimonials about our band.

Where are the songs recorded?

All songs are recorded at DCF Wedding Music studio in Erin, ON. For the Nashville experience, the recording process is outsourced to a major label studio we trust in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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A custom love song creates an amazing memory

Takes about 15 minutes.
All information you share is confidential.
Contact David if you have any questions 1-866-710-7658.