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We are passionate about creating unforgettable memories.

David Cavan Fraser is a professional musician and has extensive experience with thousands of musical performances, improv comedy, and stage performances.

A natural MC and entertainer, he knows what to do to bring out the fun in a large group of people, and make them have a good time! David is the person you’ll chat with if you have any questions, and to plan your wedding music. 

David’s better half Karrie is a singer and plays seriously impressive drums in the band. Karrie manages all the fine details of our live band and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Every detail will be exactly the way you requested it.

Other band members include Juno award winners and nominees, professional touring musicians and graduates of Berklee College – the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world. These people know their music and, more importantly, they know how to have fun to make your wedding truly unforgettable. 

Our passion is to help you provide a “Holy @#$@ that was the most FUN I’ve ever had at a wedding” level experience for your guests.

Meet Our Musicians

DCF Wedding Music Band Member David Fraser

David Cavan Fraser: Guitar, Vocals, Piano

DCF Wedding Music Band Member Karrie Fraser

Karrie Fraser: Drums, Vocals

DCF Wedding Music Band Member Ross

Ross: Guitar, Vocals, Violin, Bass

DCF Wedding Music Band Member Alyssa Dupuis

Alyssa Dupuis: Bass, Vocals

DCF Wedding Music Band Member Dave

Dave D: Guitar, Bass, Piano

DCF Wedding Music Band Member Dave ONeill

Dave O’Neill: Drums


Reviews From Couples

In this video, we interviewed more than 30 couples about DCF Wedding Music. We asked couples what it was like having us perform at their wedding, what their guests had to say about us and  their favourite part of having a live band at their wedding.

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