How To Choose the Right Live Band or DJ For Your Wedding

This information will help you understand what type of fees you can expect to pay for comparable wedding bands and DJs in Toronto and GTA. By the end of this, you will know what you should pay and what you should expect for your wedding entertainment choice. I’ll also offer 4 recommendations depending on where you’re at in the entertainment decision process.

Live Wedding Music or DJ?

This information is in response to about 1000 emails I’ve received from brides and grooms who are wanting to book live entertainment or a DJ for their wedding. They want to make it different, special and fun, but they don’t know where to start and how much it’ll cost.

copy-968671-BW1.pngBefore we get started, I’d like to make the comment that there is a huge amount of discrepancy and confusion with “How much should I expect to pay?” when it comes to wedding entertainment. It is probably the hardest thing to get musicians, DJs and MCs to give you a price.

I feel your pain. It’s not like buying a car where you can just Google prices and features and make a relatively informed decision. There’s no obvious place to start your search, the choice of bands is overwhelming, you’re not sure what you should be looking for, you’re uncertain as to the questions you should be asking, and it’s the biggest party you’ll ever throw and you don’t want to make a bad decision.

There is also the question of what value you are going to get for the price. What good is a low priced DJ or band that doesn’t show up on time for your wedding?

The real question is, what value do you and your guests get for the price? From my experience and the experience of hundreds of other wedding professionals, I will try to break down the price vs. value comparison to understand it more easily.

How To Set Up Your Wedding Music Budget

I want you to picture in your mind your favourite dessert, something you love and think about as a treat. Maybe it’s a pie, a delicious cupcake or a huge cookie.


Now let’s pretend like this dessert is the amount of time your wedding guests will be at your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and speeches. That is only half the dessert. The other half of the delicious mouth-watering dessert is the dancing after all the formalities. In other words, almost half of your wedding is going to be spent listening to a band or a DJ and having the time of their life dancing.

If we compare the dance to dessert, half of your wedding your guests could be enjoying or hating the entertainment you hired.  This is your chance to make everyone love your dessert and leave them talking about your wedding for months. Or you may subject them to a boring or irritating time, where they are checking their watches and looking for a quick and polite way to leave early.

For this very reason, it is important to choose your wedding music wisely. Unfortunately, most people book their venue, get their dress, book the food, flowers and decorations then they think about entertainment. They start thinking do we want a band or DJ?

However, guests aren’t going to remember most of that stuff. Unless the food is world-class and exactly their taste. But half decent, even slightly bad wedding food is politely forgiven.  Overall, wedding food is politely forgotten about on your wedding day. Same with the flowers and decorations. But guests will remember how much fun they had at a wedding forever.

I’m not saying these things aren’t necessary, but the biggest ‘wow’ factor is your choice of wedding entertainment. Studies show that most couples wished they had put in more thought and effort into the dancing and fun part of the night. After all, it is half of the wedding day.

Ok, are you ready to get down to Dollars and Sense? Read Factors To Consider When Choosing a Live Band For Your Wedding | 0 – $1500.

David Fraser DCF Wedding Music

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DCF Wedding Music & DJ Service performs at venues in Toronto, GTA and Southern Ontario. To meet David and learn more about his services book a free consultation at Or contact him at 1-866-710-7658 – david@dcfweddingmusic.

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