Tour of Hacienda Sarria - Video Transcript

Hi everybody, it’s David Fraser from DCF Wedding Music. This is a multiple part series video on why we love playing at Hacienda Sarria which is an amazing venue just inside of the Kitchener city limits. I’m going to give you a little bit of a tour. It is a breathtaking place that’s not quite captured in the photos. You have to be here to experience it. 

The Courtyard

Right now I’m in the courtyard which is this beautiful room right here. This is the dining room all set up. Our band has performed here on this floor many times as well, and there are also other locations. This is the courtyard. It is gorgeous. The balconies are functional balconies if you want to pop in and give a queen wave to your wedding guests, that can be arranged. 


Now here is the ceremony room. You can see this is the set up. I already have the microphone ready for the officiant. Today we’re just playing recorded music for this ceremony, not live music. Look at this beautiful room. Look at these high ceilings. It really is a cool spot. When you see these doors, these are authentic and cool old wooden doors. Pretty awesome. 


I am going to show you the bar. This the bar where people come in and grab some drinks. It’s really fantastic. It may not capture that well, but people grab their drinks over here. Then they go back to the ceremony area. This is where we are performing tonight. Or they can take a quick right, and then they head into the courtyard that I showed you earlier. It really is a breathtaking place in here. That’s just a few of the interior rooms. 


I am going to show you the lobby too. So if you thought the courtyard was awesome, let me show you the entrance to the courtyard. If you look over here, this is the hallway that enters the courtyard. It’s a pretty awesome entryway. There’s a little tiny bar here. We’ll have cocktail hour in this room here. I will try to give you a slow panoramic view of it all. This architecture is awesome. Nice sized ceilings once again. 

 There’s even this cool entrance right here. It’s the entrance to the entrance. This is the very first room you will walk into after you open this enormous wood entry door. It looks like it was made to withstand a battering ram. It’s so cool and intricate. 


Now I’m at the front of the venue, where you would walk in. Absolutely breathtaking, really cool landscaping. In terms of Canadian venues, this is one of the top 10. It’s definitely on our list. 

 We love playing here because when you walk in, you get a sense of beauty, prestige and grandeur. It really does have that feeling of wow; these people went through fine, fine detail to make the experience of walking into the place just breathtaking. I love it. It’s kind of like getting married in an old Spanish villa, a castle almost. 

Let me show you a little bit of the grounds. This is really nice landscaping. There is parking on either side. They’ve set it up in such a way that the building grabs your attention right away. That’s one of the cool things that make Hacienda Sarria so great. 

 While you’re at the venue, you get to hang out in the exterior courtyard with the pools. That’s just really cool. You can see that it’s fall right now, it’s the end of October so the greenery isn’t as lush as it is in the summer but it is still really awesome to be out here. It just feels fantastic. 

In Summary

The big picture of what I’m trying to communicate is that here at Hacienda, they really do take a large amount of time and attention to take care of the little details. That’s really one of the reasons I love playing here.  

We’re the type of band that wants to make it amazing, so yes, Hacienda Sarria has a Hacienda price tag attached to it. I totally get that. But, for the couple who wants to have a really stand out experience, it really is a standout experience. Just when you walk in the door, you realize that right away. 
Another big part of it, of why we love playing here is that the staff get that. It’s not just a day job for them where they punch in and punch out. They really want to make it a great experience. They want to get behind the couple. 

That’s the same way we are at DCF Wedding Music. We want to really think about how we can make this wedding experience as best as it can be for every couple. Not just a generic cookie cutter copy of everyone else’s wedding. 

I really think Hacienda’s staff gets that too. We’ve really enjoyed working with Robin and the whole crew every time we’ve been here. Yes, it’s a great building, but a great building with great people is the ultimate sweet spot. That’s another aspect of Hacienda that we love. 
Also, because of the high ceilings, the band sounds really good here because of the nice acoustics. My voice sounds clean and crisp even without a microphone. 
These are just one of many reasons why we love playing here, and I really highly recommend this venue.
David Fraser DCF Wedding Music

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