So I just got off the phone with Sophia Lemon she’s a wedding photographer that serves the Collingwood-Muskoka Grey County area.  I was very encouraged by how helpful she was with giving me advice and just generally being nice!

Yes, she’s a red-head, but don’t let those untrue stereo-types about gingers having a temper, not needing to sleep or having no soul deter you. She’s great and fun to talk to.

We met on twitter  and I was very impressed with how she engaged her followers and posted helpful advice for couples. Mostly I was SUPER impressed with her photography skills.

Photo of an old Piano keyboard and wedding ring
She’s got a great eye for detail and bring beauty out of simple things
Photo of a couple getting married in Muskoka
I have no problem recommending Sophia Lemon for any wedding happening in Grey County, Collingwood, Muskoka and beyond 🙂

to check out more of her work visit her website by clicking here:

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