Simple Guide to Pricing Your Wedding Entertainment

How Will This Guide Help YOU?

This is to help you get started and as a broad guide on what type of fees to expect to pay for comparable Toronto Wedding bands and Toronto Wedding DJs.   By the end of this report you will know exactly what you should pay and what you should expect your wedding entertainment choice. I’ll also offer 4 recommendations depending on where you’re at in the entertainment decision process.


  This guide is in response to about 1000 e-mails I’ve received from individual brides and grooms who are wanting to book live entertainment or a DJ for their wedding. They want to make it different, they want to make it special, they want to make it FUN, but they don’t know where to start and how much it’ll cost.

copy-968671-BW1.png     Before we get into it, I’d like to make the comment that there is a HUGE amount of discrepancy and confusion with “How much should I expect to pay?” when it comes to wedding entertainment, it’s probably the HARDEST thing to get musicians, DJs and MCs to just GIVE you a price.  I feel your pain! It’s not like buying a car where you can just google prices and features and make a relatively informed decision. There’s no obvious place to start your search, the choice of bands is overwhelming, you’re not sure what you should be looking for, you’re uncertain as to the questions you should be asking and it’s the biggest party you’ll ever throw and you don’t want to make a bad decision!

There’s also a second number besides PRICE, and that’s VALUE.  What good is a LOW Price DJ or Band that doesn’t actually show up on time for your wedding?  The Real question is always:  what VALUE do you and your guests really GET for the Price?   From my experience and the experience of hundreds of other wedding professionals, I will try to break down your PRICE / VALUE options in easy to understand terms 🙂


  I want you to picture in your mind your favourite dessert maybe it’s a pie, maybe it’s a delicious cupcake or a bowl of something sugary or a HUGE cookie.


Now let’s pretend like this dessert is the entire time your wedding guests will be AT your ceremony, chatting during cocktail hour, eating dinner, and finally listening to speeches.  That’s only HALF of your dessert, MAYBE a half plus a small bite.  The other HALF of this delicious mouth-watering dessert that represents YOUR perfect one-and-only wedding day is the reception DANCE.  So in other words almost HALF of your wedding (from your guests perspective) is going to be spent listening to a band or a DJ and *hopefully* dancing.

   HALF of YOUR Wedding your guests will be enjoying (or hating) the entertainment that YOU’VE hired. This is your chance to make everyone else JEALOUS and have them STILL talking about your wedding for months —— OR this is your chance to subject them to something lame or excruciating loud and have them checking their watches looking for a quick and polite way to leave early.

Here is what MOST people do when they set their budget for the wedding: they put off the decisions that require a lot of reflection (IE Do we want a Band or a DJ?) and they get all the “big” things out of the way: The Venue, the Dress, the Food, the Flowers, the Decorations etc. etc.  THEN after all that’s been chosen, THEN they start to think about Entertainment.

    Here’s a couple of things to remember: your guests aren’t going to remember most of that stuff! Unless the food is World-Class or induces food-poisoning they just WON’T remember it.  Pretty Good, half-decent, even slightly BAD wedding food is completely forgotten by your wedding guests by the next day. Same with the Flowers, same with how nice the decorations were or weren’t.

I’m not saying these aren’t important things BUT if you’re looking to put your money where you’ll get the biggest “WOW” per dollar shouldn’t you put some TIME and PRIORITY to your choice of wedding entertainment?  99.9{cf15180468c0ff1fcf5066d27aa4d38f57f90d70c9259a3a90f2149744c99c63} of brides always say AFTER the wedding that they would have put more thought and more of their budget in the entertainment category.  After all, it’s HALF of the wedding day!

Simple Guide to Pricing Your Wedding pt2Ok are you ready to get down to Dollars and Sense?  Click here for the 2nd part of this blog