Keep Your Wedding Dance Floor Packed

How to Keep your Wedding Dance Floor Packed

How To Keep Your Wedding Dance Floor Packed

A Packed Wedding Dance Floor with People Dancing their Shoes Off Thanks to DCF Wedding Music Toronto

How do you make sure you have a packed wedding dance floor?  What we’ve learned by performing over 1600 wedding events around Ontario is explained in this post. In this short video post we will talk about:

Where to Put The Wedding Dance Floor

– What’s the best place to put the wedding dance floor?

– Where NOT to put the wedding dance floor

The Size of the Wedding dance floor

– How big should the wedding dance floor be?

– How do you Determine how many dancers will be dancing?

Where to Put Your Wedding Entertainment

and lots more…

* In the video I incorrectly refer to Staci Nichols being from San Francisco, she’s actually from San Diego and awesomely talented, check out her fantastic post on “The Secrets to the Perfect Wedding Floor Plan”

If you’re looking for that Dance Floor Checklist – DCF Wedding Music , it’s available to all our clients here


So to summarize the video

Location, Location, Location

Make sure the wedding dance floor is as central as possible, close to the bar and entertainment and NOT in a corner of the room or separate room. Position your wedding guests so that they are close to the dance floor so they can enjoy the music and dancing and feel like they’re a part of the action even when taking a break. If you’ve got fun wedding extras, such as a photo-booth, late night food table or other fun activies, position them CLOSE to the dance floor and wedding entertainment.

Bigger isn’t always better??

Lean towards a “slightly too small” wedding dance floor that feels packed rather than a big dance floor that will feel empty. People like to be packed in together!

The BIGGEST Secret to Keeping the Dance floor Packed…

Your guests are at your wedding because they love and support you! Their #1 desire is to have a great time, eating, drinking, dancing and celebrating with YOU. If you and your new husband or wife are out on that dance floor enjoying yourselves, that’s exactly where your guests will want to be! Make a decision that you as a couple will lead by example and get out there and just have fun (even if you don’t have Dancing With the Stars level talent).


If you’ve enjoyed this post and aren’t already a DCF Wedding Music client, feel free to check out our website and when you’re ready, apply for a Free 90 Minute Wedding Entertainment Consultation.

I hope this post served you well and all the best of luck with your upcoming wedding!

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