It's 6 months after the wedding and everyone is STILL raving about the Live Music. Not only did you put on a GREAT show at our wedding reception but you really connected with our guests and got everyone up dancing and singing. THANK YOU!!" - Angela & Mina
Wedding Music Testimonial from Angela and Mina


Q: What does live entertainment DO for my wedding reception?  

A: A great professional live band can transform a typical, common wedding reception into a show-stopping, dance-your-shoes-off, night-long celebration.

Did you know that the day after the wedding 99% of couples wished they had spent more of their budget on entertainment?
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Maybe it’s because the reception dance is usually as long or longer than the entire ceremony, cocktail hour and meal COMBINED. Is your wedding going to be the most expensive party you’ll ever host? Let’s make it the kind of party your friends and family are talking about for years to come!

Would you agree that the entertainment is at least 75% responsible for the success of your wedding? Like it or not what people will remember is how much FUN they did or DIDN’T have.  Yes all the 100 other details you’re stressing about are definitely important, but isn’t the FUN important too?

Q: What geographic areas do you cover?

A: We are based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We are organized and mobile and have performed as far as Jamiaca, Seoul and Manitoulin Island. Get in touch to find out how to make YOUR wedding locale happen.

Q: HELP! My DJ or Band just cancelled on me for THIS Saturday? Can you help!?

A: Yes (Read on)! Unfortunately, we hear from people in your position too often: some ill-informed person recommended you “save” some money with your wedding entertainment. Now with less than a week to go you find yourself scrambling because someone double-booked you or they got arrested (true-life horror story).
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We’re VERY busy and we do get booked far in advance, but we want to help in any way we can! Call us on the emergency line and hopefully we’ll be open for a short-notice booking. If we can’t help you personally we WILL help you find a professional substitute FREE of CHARGE. We just want to make sure your day doesn’t get ruined because of one unethical entertainment company.

Q: What if we want to hear some songs or styles that your band DOESN’T Play?

A: That’s absolutely not a problem, on top of our wide and immense repertoire of live music we offer an official DCF Weddings DJ service (included in some of our packages and available as an Add-on to ALL packages) why settle for one or the other (Band OR DJ) when you can have the BEST of both?

Q: What’s your experience?  

A: That’s a GREAT question. If you needed a brain surgeon, would you go with someone who has only done a handful of surgeries?  Would you hire a part-time surgeon who performs surgeries “just on the weekends, for fun?”

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No?  Then why would you hire a company for your wedding that subs out their work to part-timers “just getting started in the business”?

We have performed hundreds of Weddings, Corporate Events and private functions over the past 8 years with over 1500 professional paid performances and MC jobs. Everyone who works with us has EXTENSIVE Wedding experience, is trained to understand that FUN is the number 1 priority and is both a great musician and ENTERTAINER.  We use music in an engaging and entertaining way to create packed dance-floors, unforgettable moments and life-long memories.

Don’t take our word for this though, you can browse through our extensive testimonials of REAL COUPLES who have been where you are now and taken the leap and LOVED IT! If you’re serious about working together book a free wedding entertainment consultation

We’d be happy to put you in contact with our past clients. They have told us they’d be happy to talk with you about the personalized service and fantastic results we were able to achieve for THEM on their special day.

Q: Do you ALSO provide music for the ceremony and/or Cocktail hour?

A: YES! We can pretty much make any musical dream you may have into a reality. You want a Bagpiper to pipe you in? We can make it happen! An electric violinist to play “Canon in D”? We can make it happen.  A group of 22  grade-school recorder students to play “Hot Cross Buns” for the bridal procession? Not recommended, but possible.  Check out the Packages and Add-Ons section for more details.
Q: How do I know I’m getting a good value for my money?  

A:  We are professional in EVERY sense of the word: how we make our living, how we run our business and MOST importantly, how we treat our clients.

We want you to breath easy, here are some testimonials.   We have written guarantees to show that we are money-where-our-mouths-are serious about meeting and exceeding your expectations.
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Whether or not we both decide we are a fit for each other make SURE you ask any potential entertainment if
they stand behind their service with a written 100% money back guarantee. If not, ask why?

For more information about what specific live music packages we offer, as well as Add-ons check out the packages and prices page.

Q: How do I know you’ll deliver on what you promise?
A: You’ll get a signed copy of our guarantees if we take you on as a client.

Q: My fiancee is worried about spending a lot on the entertainment, what should I say?
A: Would you be disappointed to have spent $15,000-$45,000 on your wedding day just to have the guests head to the exit two hours early because the DJ is too loud or the band is lame?  The average cost of a wedding today in Canada is over $30,000, that’s $3,000 or MORE an hour! Do you want to “save” a few hundred bucks and hire the cheap, common, part-time DJ or amateur band? What if people leave an hour or two early just because the entertainment is boring? That’s $3,000 per hour of lost special memories, moments and fun.
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Do you really want to trust one of the most expensive events you’ll ever pay for to someone who doesn’t “get you” and your unique vision of your wedding day? Do you really want to put a microphone and PA system in the hands of someone who doesn’t RESPECT you or RESPECT himself enough to charge a professional full-time fee?

Live professional entertainment can be the WOW factor that induces dancing and really makes your guests REMEMBER that YOUR wedding was something UNIQUE, SPECIAL and RARE! Live music and authentic entertainment can make people stay an extra HOUR or MORE because they’re having so much fun they just lose track of time (That’s like getting an extra $3000+ worth of value).

Yes, we perform excellent HIT songs that you and your guests will LOVE,  but the key is presenting this music in the elegant,  exciting and entertaining way that only DCF Weddings can.

Q: My Uncle joe has been known to grab the mic and belt out “Don’t Stop Believin” at events, will that happen at my wedding??

A: No, not unless you specifically requested this.   Prior to the big day we will collaborate on a “who gets the microphone?” PLAN so that no surprises happen. The only two people who can override the plan are the Bride and the Groom and we have no problem being the “bad guy” who has to say “NO”, so you don’t have to :) Click here for an example “Who Gets the Microphone?” Plan.

Q: How will the band be dressed?:

A: Would you be embarrassed if you THOUGHT you were hiring a sharply dressed, well-groomed group of professionals but INSTEAD a gang of long-haired, unshaven “dudes” showed up wearing wrinkled, mismatched and ill-fitting clothing?

You have enough stresses and worries about your big day, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about
your entertainment showing up and looking like they just rolled out of bed.
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Everyone in our business (DJs, Band members, sound people etc.) are ALWAYS impeccably dressed. Every time. We believe your entertainment should be the group at your wedding you can point to and proudly say “THERE’S the Band and DJ!”. Actually better yet, we always try to dress so well that no-one even has to guess who we are, they know that these are professionals and we’re here to provide an amazing and professional service for you!

From day ONE we hired a professional stylist to advise our 3 different Attire Bundles (semi-formal, formal (most common) and black tie) so you can rest assured that all members of DCF Weddings will be among the best dressed people at your wedding.   Click here for our dress policy and guarantee.

Q: How do I know my wedding isn’t going to be just like everyone else’s?

A: You are different from your friends right? Shouldn’t your wedding ALSO be different?

Congratulations! Your interest in having live entertainment at your wedding will set you apart from 80-99% of other weddings because so many couples choose a DJ for no other reason than “all my friends had a DJ”.

Yes a good DJ is absolutely worth it (in fact we provide official DCF Weddings DJs between sets as an add on to all of our LIVE music packages) But nothing beats a REAL LIVE band;  a professional,  great sounding, sharply dressed band that knows how to engage, entertain and create a Party!  Why not get the best of BOTH worlds?

Because we customize our set-lists to your needs and tastes, no wedding is EVER the same even if 3 of your bridesmaids also hired our band for their wedding.

Q: How do I know you’ll behave professionally and show up (on-time)?

A: What’s the best way to ensure you get professional quality?  HIRE full-time professionals.  We will be the first to acknowledge that musicians and DJs have earned themselves a less than stellar reputation and we believe this is primarily because part-time amateurs have been ‘performing’ at public events for beer money, to pick up girls or for their own enjoyment.

To contrast: We are here for YOU. Making YOU happy is our full-time job. We have a ZERO-tolerance policy towards alcohol, drug use and hitting on bridesmaids (to name just a few common stereotypical musician woes) click here for our full professional behaviour policy and guarantee.
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We have never EVER been late or absent for a performance because we always TRIPLE check details and arrive early for each performance. Click here for our in depth punctuality policy and guarantee.

Q:  How do I know people are going to love dancing to the music you play?

A: Well in short, because we’ve got a huge track record of packed dance floors and rave reviews…

Every song on our extensive song-list has a proven track-record of inducing dancing. We play slow songs as well as up-tempo dance numbers all the while maintaining the “flow” of the evening.
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Your wedding is unique, different than any other wedding, so we can learn a song or two for a first dance or father-daughter dance, no problem. We welcome your input into our setlist for the evening and when you book your free consultation you’ll gain access to our song-list of over 400 dance songs.

Q: My wedding has a diverse cultural background, can you still perform for my group?

A: We have performed at English, Irish, Egyptian, Jewish, Italian, Greek, American and Canadian weddings just to name a few. With that said our speciality is English-language songs for English speaking audiences that love to dance. If you would like to have a few traditional songs played live or DJed, that would be our pleasure.
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If however you’d like an entire evening of primarily non-english language songs then we are NOT the band for you, but get in touch and let us make some recommendations for you.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Check out our Wedding Packages and Add ons

Q: Are you insured with a comprehensive commercial Liability policy?

A: Yes.  This means you are covered if someone decides to sue YOU because of something they perceived the entertainment was responsible for. Be sure to ask all potential vendors if they carry proper liability insurance!

Q: What about volume levels?

A: Most of us have been to an event where the music was just too loud.  We want you to breath easy, we will NEVER ruin your party with excessive volume. We use state of the art technology to ensure our sound cuts right to the back of the room without rattling eardrums in the front. Click here for the detailed volume policy and guarantee.

Q: Do you ALSO provide ________ service? (MC, DJ, Uplighting, Fog Machine etc. etc)

A: YES, see our Packages and Add-Ons page. If you need something entertainment-related that we’re not currently offering, let us know at the time of booking and we will figure out who is the BEST at that.